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Birth Signs

Welcome to Birth Signs, the web page that brings you the 12 signs that make up the Zodiac, an explanation as to what the Zodiac is and the gem stones associated with each sign of the Zodiac

Birth Signs

The Zodiac 
 It  is an imaginary belt-shaped region in the heavens, 16[deg] broad, or 18[deg] broad, in the middle of which is the ecliptic, or sun's path. It is made up of and divided into 12 constellations or signs for astrological purposes.  In (Western) astrology it is represented as a circular diagram representing the 12 zodiacal constellations and showing their birth signs

There are twelve signs in all and depending upon the date of birth of an individual, a corresponding sign is allocated to that individual.  It is believed that individuals born under any one of the twelve signs will exhibit certain character traits which are associated with those signs.

 Sometimes the zodiac in conjunction with astrology is used in the production of a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly horoscope - this is a method of using the relative positions of the stars to predict a person's future it is a method of divination.

 Gemstones for the Birth Signs of the Zodiac 

Aries 21 Mar - 20 Apr

Taurus 21 Apr - 21 May
Rose Quartz

Gemini 22 May - 21 June
Green Aventurin

Cancer 22 June - 22 July

Gold Tigereye

Leo 23 July - 23 Aug

Virgo 24 Aug - 22 Sept
Red Jasper

Libra 23 Sept - 23 Oct

Scorpio 24 Oct - 22 Nov

Sagittarius 23 Nov - 21 Dec
Black Obsidian

Capricorn 22 Dec - 20 Jan

Aquarius 21 Jan - 18 Feb
Pisces 19 Feb - 20 Mar
 Birth Signs

The Age of Aquarius:
The Age of Aquarius has its astronomical basis in what is called "precession of the equinoxes." The earth's magnetic north pole draws a large circle in the sky over a period of approximately 26,000 years. This is the result of gravitational pull from the moon and the sun, resulting in a wobbling effect of the earth's axis. As the circle of the "Great Year" is drawn in the sky, every 2166 years (approximately) the north pole points toward a new sign in the zodiac. The precise moment at which this change occurs can be estimated within a century or so of accuracy. The birth of Jesus was among the markers of the last change of ages, from Aries to Pisces. Historically these changes have coincided with dramatic turns of human civilization. Markers of our current change to the Age of Aquarius are space travel and the paradigm-altering effects of our rapidly increasing technology.

Birth Signs

Interpretation of the meaning of the Age of Aquarius must be understood through both Aquarius (north pole) and the opposite sign of Leo (south pole). The sign of Aquarius is pro-egalitarianism. Taken to its extreme political end, we would develop a totally classless society of beings. We have seen unfortunate results from political efforts in that direction, such as loss of individual initiative and creativity. The poles must be balanced in such a way that our social systems worldwide are truly equal (Aquarian), while individuals are encouraged to contribute to society by recognition of their personal gifts. The mix of democracy and a capitalist economy can theoretically produce this outcome, but individual consciousness has not fully grown into the values needed to make it work. The good news is that we are just beginning this era of some 2100 years. Hopefully, we can find the truly functional combination between social equality and individual creativity

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Personality Traits for the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac

Birth Signs

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) are warm, enthusiastic and outgoing. They need a lot of fuel and therefore are constantly on the search for something new to "feed" them. Other signs must often create boundaries in order to prevent the fire signs from absorbing all the resources and space in the vicinity. One cannot really find fault with this, as the fire signs are usually quite unaware of the effects of their massive energy. When they reach a clearly defined edge drawn by another sign, they rarely take offense, and readily move in another direction. The fire signs are very intuitive and rely heavily on an element of luck which seems to be always with them. Fires often attract Earths to stabilize and center them. 
Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) are usually solid and dependable, just as the ground beneath us. They are gifted at manifestation in the concrete world and take pleasure in finding useful purposes for everything. Earth signs are natural recyclers--they deplore wasted resources of any kind. The disadvantage of Earth signs is that too often attention is focused on material production. They can become caught in repetitive ruts, forgetting to use their imagination. Earths frequently attract fire signs into their lives to provide an element of excitement and change. But then, of course, the Earths must deal with anxiety over what the more unpredictable fires might do next. The dance of life continues. 
Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) move constantly, like the wind. Even if the body appears to be still, the mind of an Air Sign is racing from one thing to another. They are generally talkative and tend to be winners in games of Trivial Pursuit. The Airs are gregarious and work to develop their social skills early in life. It is, however, difficult for them to make commitments because they know there are so many possibilities they haven't yet explored. Though Airs have lightening quick mental ability, they struggle in the world of emotions. Ask an Air sign how he feels about an issue and he will speedily rattle off what he thinks. Airs need help in this area and therefore are prone to attract Water Signs who more naturally breathe in emotional pools
Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) are fluidly feeling and the range of their dispositions moves readily from ice storm to placid river to hot steam. Waters love the comforts of home and family and generally are strongly nurturing of anything that lives. They have compassionate instincts and are drawn to care for whomever or whatever seems weakened, defective or on the losing side. Waters are adept in the world of feeling and rarely are unduly frightened by any emotion they encounter. Airs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) and Waters are often mutually attracted. Airs need support when encountering deep feelings and past memories--they are prone to minimize the value of their emotional experiences. Waters, on the other hand, need help in the realm of logic and reason, so they draw heavily from the more verbal Airs. 
Birth Signs

Gemini (May 21 - Jun 20) - is the mutable/air sign.
Using their communicative skills, Geminis adapt to any situation they encounter. However, they must learn to speak with candor instead of simply repeating what others want to hear. Geminis have clever tongues and develop an amazing ability to obscure the facts with stimulating and imaginative chatter.The fear of boredom propels most Geminians into almost constant activity and participation. They have a need to communicate and stretch their mind with ideas and this is demonstrated with a schedule of activities that would wear-out anyone else. They take pride in using their logical and  mental abilities in solving problems and performing tasks. Geminians tend to know a little about a lot of different subjects but not to any depth. This  makes them somewhat superficial, however, this is the quality that gives them the adaptability for many varied tasks.
Restless nature, bores easily, uncomfortable in an enclosed environment; bright, alert, good vocabulary, enjoys learning for its own sake.  Retentive memory for facts and languages, good at trivia, may skim the surface of whatever is being studied but covers a wide territory;  facile talker, sometimes stretches the truth to make a good story; social, outgoing, mercurial and adaptable; needs to learn to finish projects; would choose to have both spouse and lover if possible; multifaceted and prefers to do more than one thing at a time.
Cancer (Jun 21 - July 22)-  is the cardinal/water sign.
Cancerians get things done through the power of their emotional commitment. Not only do they aggressively work to accomplish the goals inspired by their own feelings, they also know how to appeal to the emotions of others. By making other people feel like family members, Cancerians effectively motivate others to get things done. They have to learn how to reach an emotional balance since they tend to be overly sensitive and moody.Cancerians need to learn how to keep themselves from being sucked into everyone's emotions. They have a natural empathy that causes them to worry too much about everyone else's problems and feelings. They are highly sensitive and tuned in to 'feeling' which is the making of a  good psychic or medium. They are sentimental and thoughtful, and in regard to loved ones, highly protective. Their moodiness causes them to be on top of the world one moment and down in the pits the next.
Attuned to emotions and feelings of self and others; often alternate between introversion and extroversion; strong appreciation for the earth and its natural resources; protective of personal security and also any persons who are included in the "inner circle"; loyal and devoted lovers and parents; good cooks; prone to weight difficulty; will work to make the living environment cozy; must learn to stabilize emotions.  

Birth Signs

Leo (Jul 23 - Aug 22) -  is the fixed/fire sign.
Leos stubbornly cling to their pride. They do not readily alter their opinions or behavior at the request of others. Their stubborn nature makes it hard for them to accept that there is no virtue in giving what they want to give, rather virtue means giving what may be wanted or needed. Neither is there reward in giving misguided loyalty to those who are not worthy of it, which is another possibility with a Leo Sun sign. They are generous and warm-hearted and have a natural organizational ability which they tend to push on others whom they feel need some re-ordering in their lives. They feel they know best and when this is challenged, tend to take it personally. Their natural fun loving vitality is contagious and affects those around them. They have a tendency to be interfering and bossy, even pompous and need learn that others have valid opinions also. They are enthusiastic and have a creative ability which must be expressed. 
Warm, generous, open spirit; strong leaders, readily noticed whenever they enter a room; enjoy being center stage; regal appearance and often a dramatic personality; strong pride and occasionally arrogant; susceptible to flattery and easily embarrassed; good follow-through, will see a project to its conclusion; often artistic and creative; natural understanding of children; loyal and ardent lovers; may make fun of themselves, but won't appreciate others doing so.

Birth Signs

 Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 22) -  is the cardinal/air sign
. Librans accomplish things because they intellectually evaluate what needs to be done, then they charm others into cooperating to achieve the goal. By unselfishly sharing the success of accomplishment with those who have assisted them, Librans nurture the cooperative efforts of others. They have to learn how to deal with confrontation. Their fear of hurting others and also of hostile situations can keep them from reaching their goals.Always struggling to keep peace and harmony in their lives,
Librans try ducking out of an argument, avoid taking a side in an argument or saying something that might hurt someone. They'd much rather switch that fight which leads them to be accommodating, diplomatic and solution seeking individuals. In order to keep the balance and peace in their lives they switch positions on issues, much to their own and others dismay.  They are easy-going, sociable, indecisive and gullible. They don't like loneliness and like to be around people, however, not too many.
 Very bright and social; effective with language; deliberate about practicing social skills and manners; good at arbitration and diplomacy, searches for win-win solutions that make everyone happy; desires peace at any cost, even if it means stifling personal feelings or attitudes; avoids conflict or competition; more comfortable with intellect than emotions; performs best when sharing activity with a partner or peer; struggles with parenthood until children are old enough to communicate; will move to balance anything, including a relationship, which seems off-center.

Birth signs
Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21) -  is the fixed/water sign.
Scorpios stubbornly cling to emotional attachments. They rarely forget or forgive emotional rejection. They have to learn that jealousy and possessiveness are self-defeating. Rechanneling negative feelings and experiences into constructive activity benefits others, as well as themselves. No other sign has the emotional strength of Scorpio.The psychology and personal nature of the Scorpio person lies hidden deep within an  inner sanctum safe from the prying of the rest of the Zodiac. Here is the collector of information whose eyes and mind can penetrate through the talk and behavior of others to probe far below looking for motives and purposes. This is the master detective at work, incognito and proud of it. No need to let anyone know what's going on within, Scorpio knows, and that is all that is important. A keen ability for analytical thinking makes this sign a problem solver.
Deeply attuned to the emotional condition of self and others; highly intuitive; acutely aware of words or people whom they sense as false or insincere; readily go to battle over injustice; enjoy the mysterious; prone to personal secrecy; slow to genuine anger, but long on resentment, once offended; attracted to the healing arts and spiritual pursuits, or may take the road of financial management. 

 Birth Signs

Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21) -  is the mutable/fire sign.
Restless energy and the need for personal independence keep a Sagittarian moving in many directions. They become experts at adapting to the culture or climate of their immediate environment. Always ready to travel for business or pleasure (and sometimes because of an overwhelming urge to escape) Sagittarians are all too willing to break free of the confinements of responsibility and work.Enthusiasm, optimism and a yearning to enjoy life to the fullest identify the Sagittarius. A blind optimism and undisciplined exuberance cause the Sagittarius person to become careless and reckless in his dealings with others. With an eagerness for the future, current projects go unfinished in favor of something new. They are honest and dependable, but, sometimes too blunt with their observations and comments even though there is not a bit of malice intended. Some thought must be given to what impact Sagittarius' remarks mean to others and then apply discipline to achieve a degree of tactfulness. 
Restless nature, bores easily; loves to travel, often athletic and needs to be outdoors; exploration is the spice of life, whether mental or in the body; optimistic, often has good fortune just when it is needed the most; may be a risk-taker; interested in theoretical and philosophical fields; naturally gifted teacher; difficulty with follow-through, procrastination, and commitments; prefers to keep all options open; temptation to move on without materializing results; often leans toward the single life
Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19) -  is the cardinal/earth sign.
Capricorns are natural goal setters. They willingly handle many tasks when it helps them get what they want. Many things are accomplished, because Capricorns always strive to reach higher goals. They need definitive guidelines. Rules and regulations provide the structure they need to establish their own behavioral patterns. They must learn, however, that the end never justifies the means.Prudent, careful and disciplined, Capricorns have a need to do things right and therefore become caught up in methodical way of doing things. They look for efficiency in their efforts and don't usually venture into unfamiliar territory without first investigating and testing to insure that it won't the wrong move. They have a lack of self-confidence which actually helps them succeed because it causes them to know every detail of what they are undertaking before they proceed. Patience is Capricorn's virtue.
Strong leadership ability; generates ideas, delegates the details to others, and moves toward fresh pasture; may be perceived by other signs as lazy, but mainly has a desire to accomplish everything with greatest efficiency; matures early in life, detests the condition of being a child; tendency toward conservative attitudes; high goal setters, rarely satisfied with results; internally emotional, but sometimes appear cold and distant, interested only in the business at hand;  loyal and committed in love, but often undemonstrative; may appear distancing.

Birth Signs

Aquarius  (Jan 20 - Feb 18) - is the fixed/air sign.
Aquarians are born looking for ideologies to which they can stubbornly cling. They refuse to budge whenever an issue involves what they believe to be a matter of principle. As in the case of the Aquarian Abraham Lincoln, society greatly benefits when these principles are noble. The word independence was invented to describe the Aquarian. This friendly and idealistic person needs to maintain freedom of self which appears to some as aloofness. No getting in a tight relationship because Aquarius needs to be everyone's friend equally without attachments. They are future thinkers and that is where they are when they have that distant look in their eyes. They are  hopeful, optimistic, unpredictable and not to concerned with public opinion. In fact, they are sometimes baffled when someone doesn't comprehend their need of freedom to change. 
Very bright and most comfortable in the world of the mental, theoretical; good at developing an information network and generous about connecting those they feel should meet together; sensitive to the needs of the group or larger social order; idealistic and strives to make a difference in the world; good sense of long term future trends, often think light years beyond their time; tendency to the absent minded professor syndrome--may appear completely out to lunch about the common activities and objects of life.

   Birth Signs