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Characteristic of Zodiac Sign

Welcome to the Characteristic of Zodiac Sign web page which brings you the links to the 12 pages we have here to describe the personality traits of those born under each star sign as well as a suggestion as to how personality might be affected by the time of the year that a person is born

First, here are the links

Pisces Zodiac Characteristics

Characteristic of Taurus

How Personality Might Be Affected By The Time in Year a Person Is Born

There is a scientific school of thought which suggests that a child in the womb is influenced by the gravitational pull of the astral bodies. The belief is that the fluid in the brain of the unborn baby is 'pulled' by gravitational forces, developing certain parts of the brain thereby developing particular skills, characteristics and traits - depending upon the time of year.

Characteristic of Zodiac Sign

Good supporting evidence for this is that the moon alone is capable of pulling the oceans into 10km high bulges on the Earth's surface. If the moon can influence the seas and oceans (tides) it may well affect the brain-fluids of the unborn.

Horoscopes .. can an astrologer really tell you what is going to happen in the future? Certainly not on an individual basis. Horoscopes sell newspapers and make money for those who write them. But .. given that gravitational pull may affect our personalities at birth, it may be possible to predict how certain types will react or feel at given times of the lunar calendar.

It should also be borne in mind that life's experiences, upbringing and environment all play their part in determining our personalities. Added to this list must be families, friends and a whole host of other factors.